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IMG_2310Well now, I do not know about you out there, but I hear people even now after such a long, hard and bitterly cold winter whining and complaining that it is cold outside. Even thought the days are in the 50-60’s and an odd day here and there in the low 70’s, I guess it is human nature never to be happy.

IMG_2308For myself, this is SPRING! Cool mornings and nice days, all I have to do is think back to a couple of weeks ago when we had 20 degree days and 40 mph wind, I have to stop and ask myself if these whining people really would prefer that to these days.

IMG_2305I have already planted my deck containers with Viola’s, which is a sheer delight to have a reason to go out on the deck on cool mornings with my cup of coffee and look at the little smiling faces of Viola’s in the sunshine dancing around in the planters. That being said on my daily walk down the street and around the town of Elkton, I try to stop once a week at the local garden center where I picked up the violas from and this week bought some seeds to plant in the smaller pots on the deck, all of these love cool temperatures, a wonderful way to get out there each day and do something outdoors.

IMG_2325   IMG_2326

What I bought was a mixed variety of lettuce, a new seed mix called Confetti, which are baby mixed greens, 3/4 pound of white onion sets, nasturtium seeds, sweet pea seeds, and Italian flat parsley seed. These are great for starting this time of the year, all will do fine in cooler temps, with the exception of the parsley which I will make a tent over until it stays warmer.

IMG_2327  IMG_2328

The onion sets are planted 3/4 of the way up in the pots and the lettuce and mixed greens are on planted on the top surface of the pots. Even though small pots like this will not yield much in the way of constant meals it is the act of growing, watching and preening over something growing each and everyday that is the joy that it brings to you.

Over the coming weeks and months until time to plant geraniums and the other deck plants, we will see how these plants grow, in the coming weeks I want to go out and take pictures on spring, though I am going to work on trying to get a Black Rapid Camera Sling, puts the weight on your shoulder than around your neck, as I have never been able to carry a camera with the weight pulling around my neck. I like the Black Rapid due to its having a safety tether that goes under you arm, assuring the strap will not fall from your shoulder.