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Well the long wintertime blues are abating here, and giving way to more creativity! This winter has been so long and boring, dark and gloomy,, it just seemed to zap all inspiration out of me for writing, lack of art supplies kept me from being creative that way as well.

Now with the advent of sugar problems, I have had to reinvent my cooking, as I do not like artificial sweeteners etc., so it has made it hard to cook and photograph recipes that everyone else can eat and enjoy, however I am trying to work around that by cooking again and giving it to friends and neighbors so that I can post those to the blog.

IMG_2299Today hopefully I plan on a posting about clearing out my container garden and planting of the first flowers “Violas” until summer arrives and I can plant my geraniums and other flowers.



IMG_2298I also was gifted a clay vessel called and Olla, a water conservation method used for thousands of years, the gift was made by Mark Williams of Charlottesville, Virginia. It was my intention to post all through last summer about the Olla, however I really wanted to use it and work through any bugs that crept up using one and get a good feel for how well it did, before starting to post this year about it. I can tell you I have nothing but “HIGH PRAISES” for them. My plants performed in the containers beyond my wildest dreams. However, I will not write it all here as I will not have a post then!

IMG_2219I am slowly but surely starting to gather some art supplies together, sketching pencils and watercolor paints and Chinese Brush Painting supplies together, slow process though as I have been out of supplies since about 2006 in many areas of my art supplies.

I also plan as soon as we get a nice day to take the camera out and take pictures of spring! It is my goal to get back to a regular schedule of posting now.