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IMG_2218I know the photography part of my blog does not appeal to everyone, however practice makes perfect in photography and when it is dark and dreary or cold and inhospitable outside it is nice to have something creative to tinker with indoors. I also want to thank the bloggers with photography blogs that visit my blog and even subscribe. It is nice to see you come to my blog since it is not especially a photography blog, you and your blogs inspire me to keep pressing forward with my photography!

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IMG_2202Today I got out my black foam core, thinking that the sun shining in would not reflect as much off the black board, however I tried the white and the camera still wanted to use the flash either way. The colored pencils were really lit up by the flash creating white light around each pencil, to solve this I remember seeing makeshift little bonnets made by people to fit over the flash to soften the light, I improvised, as fate would have it I did not have a coffee filter or sheer fabric nothing, so Kleenex to the rescue! I just gracefully plopped one over the flash and shot the pictures.

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IMG_2219Any photographers out there that have cloudy or bad weather day indoor photography ideas, please leave a comment and let me know, as when I could care less about an idea it will come to me, when I really need an idea do you think I can think of one thing? NO! Also if you have links to any photography sites to illustrate your thoughts or suggestions please feel free to leave the link with your comments. Thank you very much for any and all suggestions.