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NOTE: By clicking on the pictures, especially close ups the picture will open in a new window much larger than shown here and will reveal even great detail of the close up.

IMG_2138For years now I have been trying to get stocked up on my art supplies so that I can be active in the art stuff I like to do. Alas that time has not come, thank goodness I had presence of mind to buy this camera when I did or I would have lost my mind by now.

The best way to learn about a camera it to keep it out and play (work) with it everyday to see how it works. The things I want to do in the coming months

is to learn to shoot in Raw, and use Aperture Priority, I guess things that hold me back from trying new things like these is a fear of screwing something up, then no camera (then I would loose my mind)!

IMG_2141As I am sure everyone will get tired of soon enough looking at Phalaenopsis Orchids in bloom, the are my babies, I cannot help but get the camera and tripod out with the sun is coming through the semi sheer curtains in the window and shining on them so softly. I may soon have some African Violets to add to my collection, you have a better mood I think when there are green and blooming plants around through the winter especially. I always (or most always) have blooming plants outside during the Spring, Summer and Fall, so it stands to reason I would surround myself with them in the apartment during the bleak cold winter months.

IMG_2145I just love my Manfrotto Carbone Fiber Tripod, it is so lightweight and easy to move around and collapse, make adjustments while the camera is on the tripod, and am really liking the horizontal center arm, which allows you to do so many things that you otherwise were never able to do with a regular tripod.

I am looking forward to getting out in nature up the Skyline Drive this coming spring and taking landscape pictures but also want to experiment much more with macro photography, which opens up a whole new world in miniature that we do not see on the surface.

Below are pictures of the new bloom spikes that are coming out on the orchids of last year (rescued from the Hospice Unit at Lowe’s where plants go to die) It was hard for me to turn the plants so that I could get a good all around shot of the spikes as they seem to be like then “thin man” and disappear especially when turned in the most photogenic direction.

IMG_2129  IMG_2131  IMG_2133

IMG_2127  IMG_2134

I have been making a list of all sorts of other household items to do photography experiments with this winter, included here are some of colored pencils I had laying around.

IMG_2174  IMG_2175

IMG_2179  IMG_2178

IMG_2187  IMG_2182