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IMG_2063WOW, it has been a  good while since I felt like experimenting with the camera and lenses, extension tubes etc. Today just seemed right with the afternoon sun coming through the South facing sliding glass doors, through the semi sheer curtains.

IMG_2115I got the tripod out and put it in every conceivable manner that it would go, including the center arm in the horizontal position. I had the best time figuring out what and how to do these things. It did help that I added two new babies to my collection of Phalaenopsis  orchids. Now my family is up to 4. Last years orchids thrived on neglect on the south facing deck in August and September, however they seem no worse for wear and actually to my amazement have rewarded me with 3 new bloom spikes and two smaller spikes off of last years bloom spike. Plus I am not certain yet. I either have an areal root forming in an odd place, or a basal Keiki forming which will mean a new plant or and additional flower spike, the coming months will tell.

If you love Phalaenopsis orchids as much as I do and trying to get them to re-bloom, or if you have been given one and have no idea what the heck to do with one or how to grow them, them following sites will help with all of your questions. Believe me they are very easy house plants requiring low light.


Her Youtube Channel has a whole lot of information in her videos.





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