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Weaving & Art Studio Room 011During my absence from blogging due to health issues, there were some days that I got out with my camera and took pictures of my flowers on my deck. I just discovered them all when I downloaded them to the computer from the camera. What a surprise!

Now with the first arctic blast of the season fast approaching it seems like a nice time to reflect back on warmer sunnier days, while we await the coming years burst of color once again.

Weaving & Art Studio Room 010You cannot ask for a flower to be more reliable than geraniums for color, in fact is is amazing after several hard freezes mine are still clinging to life and managing to come into bloom, though not a abundant, still there is color everyday! I am certain that soon they will give up, as my grandmother used to try and do, we will see if we have even a single geranium blooming on Thanksgiving Day.

IMG_0186Also on the agenda to do, is to prepare last years Amaryllis bulbs to be started again. They performed beautifully this past winter and grew all summer long and died back, now new potting medium and the bulbs are larger than they were last year. This year I plan to add to the collection as nothing brightens the long dreary winter days than having the beautiful flowers growing and blooming every week of the winter. I will start the first ones this month, to bloom by Christmas or New Years. I would like to add a Christmas Cactus or two to the collection as in past years I have been successful in getting up to 3 bloom cycles per year from them.

IMG_0025Oh and I cannot forget the two Phalaenopsis Orchids I rescued at Lowe’s Last winter from their Hospice for plants they have tried to kill. I put them outside on the deck this summer amongst the geraniums and moon vines, and they thrived on pure neglect! being watered along the way and gather moister from the humid air of summer as they do naturally, I discovered upon bringing them in to repot, and trim the old roots out, that one of the plants had 2 new bloom spikes forming to my sheer delight. Now they have a front row seat in my kitchen in front of the sliding door, with what they like best a southern exposure with sun streaming through a white semi sheer curtain, so hopefully in several months they will reward me with a bough of beautiful blooms!

The Moon Vines blooming at night

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The Cardinal Vines, basking against a deep blue sky

Weaving & Art Studio Room 072

Mandevilla growing luxuriously from abundant water from my Ollas

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