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Weaving & Art Studio Room 142Finally after two plus years of being in a situation where I could not do any of the art & craft work that I used to do. I am in a position the past year that I can get back to doing what I like to do.

After moving to my new apartment last November, I thought I could dive right in and pick up where I left off two years prior, how wrong I was, after moving several time s in those two years, I just could not get the stamina up to move forward and I did not know why, until this summer. I found, that I was suffering from massive back, neck shoulder and arm spasms on my left side, which constricted my left arm nerves off the spine. Thankfully due to a good doctor and great physical therapists that problem was fixed.

Weaving & Art Studio Room 146Soon after that was fixed I found that I had really high blood sugar, as in over 500, it seems this as well as the other was a long time in the making and I did not even know it. The Dr. determined the cause to be prolonged and relentless stress for both. The question arose, what do your do for stress relief? After careful consideration of that question and self examination over the years what did I do to relieve stress and tension?

Weaving & Art Studio Room 044Well years ago before I was a basket weaver and chair caner, I was an avid gardener, both vegetable and flower gardening, which consumed all my free time, I always loved working in the yard, mowing, trimming shrubs and tending to my English Perennial Borders, trying to and nearly succeeding here in western Virginia to have a 12 month garden, with some sort of plants in bloom or set with berries for winter interest. Wonderful Years! I absolutely loved and adored my David Austin English Roses, scattered through out the borders.

All good things must come to an end though, as that seemed to be fading from my life (not by choice) God gave me the gift of basketry and I learned to accept that I was to do this. and in the process found that I could do other forms of art and craft work as well.

Weaving & Art Studio Room 173So my mode of stress and tension release for decades has been to put on classical music, sit back and weave baskets, do chair caning, seat weaving, watercolor painting and work in precious metal clay/jewelry work and just loose myself in creating new designs from a myriad of materials over the last 2 1/2 decades.

Weaving & Art Studio Room 174The funny thing is I do not fit the same mold as those around me inn the respect that I do these things for fun as well as stress and tension release, while others my age are hunting, fishing, watching sports, talking of guns etc. and that is quite ok for them, but not my cup of tea, never has been. In the garden the landscape is my canvas to create upon, in the home what materials I have at hand is my canvas to create what I see in my mind. Really if someone wanted to sincerely torture me beyond compare, just conceal me in a room with sports on tv 24/7

Weaving & Art Studio Room 171So now I am recovering from the diabetes bout of blood sugar problems, and the back and neck problems of the summer, truly the most joyous time I have had in the past several years is the preparation of the weaving and art room in my apartment, so that I can walk in to it and loose myself  in the creation of baskets and watercolor painting, card making and precious metal clay work while listening to classical music. It is like entering into another dimension totally, this is truly rest and relaxation, R&R!! It is kind of like the hymn verses


Around the weaving /art room in pictures starting above.

Weaving & Art Studio Room 172  Weaving & Art Studio Room 176

Weaving & Art Studio Room 175  Weaving & Art Studio Room 178

Weaving & Art Studio Room 179  Weaving & Art Studio Room 177

Weaving & Art Studio Room 180

The Chrome storage racks are being straightened and organized as I write this post. They contain everything fro watercolor papers, to photography supplies, to card making supplies, to miscellaneous supplies. boy will I be glad when all of that is organized! It will happen today yet.