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Freezing Whole Citrus 042Yesterday morning in my apartment you would have thought that it was Thanksgiving day in November. Every year at Thanksgiving I stock up the freezer with turkeys, what other meat can you possibly buy for prices of 48 cents a pound, if you know of others please feel free to leave a comment.

You know I find it so funny, a friend the other day could not believe that every year I try to stock up by buying up to 6 turkey’s at Thanksgiving for the freezer, he really could not believe it. I had to think to myself this is a guy that hunts deer for the freezer and to can, butchers a beef, a hog, chickens  fishes to put up each year, never did figure out what was so funny about buying six turkey’s. I also have to say that turkeys do have a season, Thanksgiving Day, if you do not buy them at these low prices per pound, it is the only time in the year that turkey is offered at prices that low. You must strike while the iron is hot!

At times when most all meat prices are heading towards or exceeding 5.00 per pound, and yes even chicken  is a lot higher in price than it used to be.I will admit that I really enjoy turkey more, most any other month of the year than in November, in most cases if you are invited to 3-4 homes around the holiday, you automatically know what you will be having.

Freezing Whole Citrus 043Turkey is so versatile as well not only with it making fantastic broth, gravy and since most birds weight on average 15 pounds and up, you have quite a bit of meat to put in your food saver bags and will freeze indefinitely for times that you need a quick meal or casserole, meat for soups and stews. Not to mention the great broths and stocks you get from cooking off the roasted carcass. Then you can either can or freeze for future use. In short turkey is the most cost effective meat that can be bought and has quite a few uses  in the way it can be prepared.

After coming from the oven and cooling off this time, I pulled al the meat from the bones, and put in a dish to package up today for the freezer. While the bones, skin and carcass went into a larger 2 1/2 gallon lidded container in the freezer, most likely I will roast several then cook several carcasses off at a time for a richer stock to either freeze or can.

Generally I would roast a turkey every couple of months throughout the year, however this has been such an upside down year for me that all will be roasted at the end of the year like this, to make room for this years turkeys. The only thing that would have made this turkey even better is if it was stuffed with Oyster Dressing

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