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CLOUDSCAPES 054Good morning,afternoon and evening to everyone where ever they may be in the world. I start out by greeting everyone this way today, because I have found that I have readers, followers and subscribers from all around the world after 6 years of blogging. WordPress statistics show that my blog has been read in over 130 countries for he past several years!

I have blogging friends that are cooks, chefs and home canners, gardeners, artists, musicians and now many are photographers.

It is to the photographers today that I make this post and need to ask a question of my readers. While WordPress.com has many good themes and I have used them all the years I have been blogging, and will continue to use WP.com for this blog.

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 147  A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 149

I find it necessary to start two other websites using WP.org platform, so that I can sell my art work online. I am currently working on the preliminary plans for a basket website and also a photography website. I believe I have a theme picked out for the basket website, however the photography is another whole story entirely.

I am wanting to ask my photography readers that use WP.org for their websites which themes they have picked and why or what really struck them in functionality or ease of use to make them choose the themes they chose. I have also been directed towards other themes that use the Wp.org platform, and read reviews on some of them, of course with anything you have an abundance of FANTASTIC EVERYTHING, to DOOM DISPARE AND MISSERY ON END, reviews. So I thought it was best to ask those that use these themes what they thought about them.

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 161  A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 162

I know if you choose a premium theme through Wp.org, you can go to their forums and if you need a string of code, I have been told some nice member out there will write a string of code for your situation, as I will admit here right now that I am no computer geek (sorry for the term) I have learned a lot on my own over the years as to the use of plug ins,widgets etc. however I do not know html or css, this is not to say that I cannot learn enough to do what needs to be done, however…………………..

Some of the themes outside of the Wp.org site itself that has been suggested is  Photocrati and themes by Theme Forest, however there are many others to choose from as well. I just thought I would ask those that use the themes and also offer their photography and art for sale online to give their opinions.

Any help, assistance, comments or things to consider would be greatly appreciated. I know this will take some time to review information and make an informed decision.

GERANIUMS 6-03-2014 014As of now in photography my main interests lye in Product Photography, as I need to know how to do this for my baskets and should the day come that I can not longer do baskets, I also love to do precious metal clay work, glass fusing, watercolor painting (blogging) writing. gardening and of course everything that you  would love to share with the world takes photography in one form or another. As well as product photography I also have a great interest in macro photography is landscape photography. Photography for me is very challenging to the mind, and I like that.

If anyone feels so inclined to voice an opinion, pose a question, tell me what they like about their chosen theme (s) please let me know by leaving a comment, or emailing me at mcw1961@gmail.com

Many Thanks to you in Advance