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OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 002Good Morning everyone, at least it is here in Virginia, here in the United States. I have made so many new friends through photography on my blog from all around the world, it just amazes me.

This morning I was trying to think of  a post to write about and and the idea came to me, having met so many of you from all around the world , why not ask my new friends. I guess the simplest way is to just ask the question.

Do any of you out there have tips or tricks that you like to use in your photography, homemade do it yourself type things that you have made for your cameras, from flash diffusors , to lighting set ups to do product photography, landscape, macro or otherwise, photography accessories, bags  etc.  that you would care to share with me that you find that makes your photography easier.

One idea that I have been playing around with and looked at on the internet is the making of a homemade light box, ( not a soft box) searches always seem to bring up the soft boxes for jewelry and small product photography, however I would like to make a “Tracing type Light Box” with a frosted glass or acrylic top, if you have an advice on building one or a link to one that you have looked at I would greatly appreciate it.

OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 005What types of lenses do you like to use for your shots, or have you come across really useful gadgets that help you in the type of photography you specialize in?

I watch so many You Tube videos and for ever 10 I watch I know there are 100 I am not seeing as well. I am pretty much self taught, and have a zeal for learning, If you have gadgets,, homemade items, or anything thing that you  would not mind sharing with me, feel free to post the links to or suggestions in the comments section, they all will be watched or read and greatly appreciated.

Perhaps you have run across a favorite You Tube, or website that has really useful information to you and would care to share it with me I would really appreciate it.

If there are even other photographers that you have felt have helped you develop your technique or have helped and would care to share their links with me as well please let me know.

All help, tips, suggestions and links are greatly appreciated.

OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 007I also want to take this time to thank all of my new subscribers over the past several months many of you photographers and from so many parts of the world it is simply amazes me every time I see a WordPress email notification in my inbox. Thank you to all of you!