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OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 040I am sure some of you may get tired of oil and water photography experiments, however for me right now over the past week, I have had this set up in the spare room and since it is shot using a tripod makes for quick and easy experimentation.

The “Blue Planet” came to mind when this came out the way it did, even thought the background does not look much like deep space.

This time some of the shots were made while agitating the water while taking the pictures, had they not have worked out (you never would have seen them)!

OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 063  OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 066

OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 090  OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 086

OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 098  OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 100

This is what I love about photography, you can scour the internet, watch countless videos and still the door is wide open to experimentation, who knows, just because you have not found it does not mean that it won’t work try it, and best of all, it costs no more than not trying it. Thank you inventor of Digital Photography!!

OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 115  OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 106