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FLOWER BOUQUET 5-12-14 017Focus can mean a lot of things to a lot of people everywhere, and in this instance it can mean photography, basket weaving, and just plainly regaining a meaningful and focus filled life again.

Over the past two years, I had all focus stripped from my life, I had no idea how intently I focused on everything thing I did and do in life until my ability to focus was removed from my life. I also now realize that without that focus there is a list of very serious health implications that goes along with not being able to focus, wandering around in a limbo state billed extreme levels of stress, and has no stress relievers at all.

FLOWER BOUQUET 5-12-14 018Thankfully to say that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel, I have focus or am getting focus back in my life now. I have my home, my belongings and a life back, my life, no other persons life, just mine. Right now it looks like the stress levels are dropping and am hoping in the coming months I can shed the extreme stress levels that have plagued me for two plus years. For myself, a life without focus is like living life in a Void and Desolate Wasteland, nothing can be learned there, just the extreme desire to return to focusing on living life.

FLOWER BOUQUET 5-12-14 014I cannot tell you how rapturous it is to finally say I am going to set down and teach myself photography, some have said why photography? Well Photography depending on what you are doing with it, aids me in showing art work as in baskets, websites, this blog, other art work, and just plain getting out of the apartment and walking and enjoying God’s beauty at every twist and turn in the road, you never know when something will pop up that at the time is enjoyed by myself alone, and later by others I like to share a special moment in my day with. So you see photography encompasses everything!

FLOWER BOUQUET 5-12-14 005So this is why I post Experiments in Photography, there is a lot to learn, just depends on what and which areas I want to put myself into on any given day. There are even many things that can be done when I do not feel good, which have been many lately, however I can experiment of 5 minutes or 55 minutes dependent on how I feel.

Which I could not do with the baskets, precious metal clay etc. as you need to be on top of your game to work with those things which require shaping etc.

FLOWER BOUQUET 5-12-14 009So far in 6 short months I have lowered my sugar levels and depleted my iron stores all through regaining a healthy diet, something which life in Bohemia deprived me of was watching sugar and iron levels in foods. Now I am glad to say that is a burden off my shoulders now, both uncontrolled sugar and iron levels have a pretty final outcome in the end, thought this week I found out that both are now normal or very close (sugars) to becoming normal, through a well balance diet, stable life, and being able to focus extremely on the problems at hand.

FLOWER BOUQUET 5-12-14 013Now I am looking forward everyday to the return of all else. especially working on various forms of art work and showing it through the blog, websites and other means.. Art is my stress reliever, always has been. guess it always will be.

Now just some pictures that I took as my camera let me know my battery was dying, amazing how many pictures you can take before the battery dies

FLOWER BOUQUET 5-12-14 003  FLOWER BOUQUET 5-12-14 006