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Today I had a shock, a friend came up to me and told me they they heard that I had given up Basket Weaving! No the Bohemian lifestyle of the past two years threw a big wrench into being able to do it, but certainly have not stopped weaving.

I actually will be weaving one six new designs of ribbed baskets I am also learning product photography so that I can take pictures of of my own work, and am working on a website for the baskets as well.

I just finished getting the spare room ready for weaving,  which is for basket weaving and Photography together set up so that I can start by my birthday the end of May.

I thought if one person believes I have stopped weaving baskets, others might and so I should do a blog post telling everyone else that I have not. Like I told another friend today, God does not show you how to weave in a dream 25 years ago to just drop it. All the more reason to keep on weaving, He had a plan in doing so, it is up to me to see where the plan goes