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STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE 030All I can say is when strawberries start appearing in the stores, you know Spring cannot be that far away, and boy are we ever ready for spring this year!

The other day when I was in Costco I just could not resist buying some, they do appear nicer than most stores have, and they were 99% ripe! I only had one bad berry.


I have been hungry for strawberry shortcake for a long time now. Even though the cake is NOT a short cake, nor a sponge cake it is and Ice Water Cake, you can find it by clicking the name, which is the link. It was posted on May 25, 2011. I wanted to mention if you make the Custard Recipe I just posted, that used the 4 egg yolks, you could also use the 4 whites left over to make the Ice  Water Cake, as it takes 4 whites.

STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE 108Really there is not much a recipe to the strawberry portion of the recipe, other than capping, rinsing, and slicing the berries. I put about 1/4 cup of sugar over the berries, gently tossed them in the bow, cover and let stand in the refrigerator for several hours to allow time for juice to draw.

I then whipped my cream, with a a couple tablespoons of sugar and drops of vanilla (you can easily omit the sugar in the whipped cream) if you are watching sugar.

You can easily  make this recipe with most any of the soft fruits that are in season, it is great with fresh peaches as well.