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Well here are some experimental pictures I am almost ashamed to post, however I am sure all of us were at this point sometime in life. I have been experimenting in both manual and auto focus this week.

I have seen several videos where the photographers have been using foam core board both black and white to bounce lite from This week I have been playing more than anything getting used to aperture and ISO. I bought some black and white foam core presentation boards, experimenting with each.

Reluctantly will show the results here. There are some professional photographers that subscribe to my blog and that I hate to have see these pictures, but it is the only way to get used to my camera.

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IMG_0255  IMG_0254

IMG_0253  IMG_0265

IMG_0258  IMG_0257

IMG_0259  IMG_0264

IMG_0261  IMG_0266

IMG_0267  IMG_0270

IMG_0277  IMG_0278



These orchids I bought back in November managed to retain all blooms until I believe they must have been shocked by cold air or fluctuating temps in the apartment  during some of the coldest days of the winter and promptly dropped all their flowers, however they seem to be bouncing back with new growth and buds. now.

At the time I did not have the white foam core and had to use what I had, without the background the orchids get lost in the background  of the kitchen.


IMG_0205  IMG_0207



IMG_0281  IMG_0280