Getting to know you, getting to know all about You!

Well of course before I hit publish, I kept wondering why I had a song from the “King & I” running through my head

So I have Debra Kerr singing in my head now!


Good Evening Everyone, I am hoping that you will bear with me as I learn to know my camera, with winter days being so cold here the last few weeks I have had time to play with the camera and the myriad of buttons and screen menus!

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s when I had my Pentax ME Super camera (film) of course, I thought I was flying high when I learned to use it and thought it had a myriad of buttons, Ha! had no idea back then that something like this was in the future! That one (I still have) seems like a toy compared to this one.

Really this post is just mainly pictures of what I have been shooting lately, until I get used to it all, hopefully before I am 100 years old. All were done in auto focus, until I get used to where everything is.

001  014

013  012

Below is a couple shots of a Cranberry Upside Down Cake, I am planning on posting the recipe for that I tried a couple of weeks ago, as I have about 24 pounds of cranberries in the freezer. I like to make my grandmothers Cranberry Relish, she always made 1 –2 gallons of it and put in the freezer in pint containers to have throughout the year, I will post that recipe as well.

023  022

As you can see I do not even know yet how to edit the pictures, before I had used Google’s Picasa Photo Editing Program, however this new Canon program seems nice, however for right now I am doing good to learn the buttons on the camera!

037  035


These are some of my great grandmothers and grandmothers dishes, I just unpacked this week, the lower one was always used as a butter plate at my grandmothers home.

042  005

045  046



I did not take long for canning time to come after moving, unlike the years before I moved when you added to what was previously canned, everything is starting from absolute zero, so the first year here will be daunting starting from scratch again! What you are looking at in the lower left corner is not a scene from a magma filled caldera of a volcano, but a 25 quart stock pot filled with Spaghetti sauce waiting to be canned, the next picture is what was plated.

The upper pictures are of the stainless steel stock pot and metal to metal seal pressure canner that I bought second hand when I was 16 years old. (it was ancient when I bought it) according to the Presto company  my “National Pressure Cooker model 25” was manufactured about 1900. The only modifications it had, was right after buying it Bishop Justus Showalter (Old Order Mennonite Bishop) replaced the antiquated Petcock safety valve with a Mirro-Matic vent tube so that I could use the round 5-10-15 pound weight on the canner.

053  052

Now what is better than doing two things at once! After the pressure canner had been turned off, to cool down to remove the jars, my weekly two loaves of homemade whole wheat bread needed to rise in the pans, and the sun went down, no radiant solar heat! But wait, I have a 240 degree heavy metal pressure canner releasing a steady amount of heat!!! My tents of Kitchen towels covering the rising loaves of bread.

054  057


Now you have the finished loaves of whole wheat bread,

as well as the end of this post!