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The Return to Normal~!


First Pictures 025Well today with the temps this morning being near zero or below, was just a great day to stay inside and (not do nothing). It was a very busy day for me finishing up canning 12 quarts of seasoned chicken and broth, for future use in soups and stews. Next on the list of canning projects is spaghetti sauce.

First Pictures 011While the pressure canner was running, I took the time to water my two Phalaenopsis  Orchids for the week, and also to work with the camera and its myriad of buttons, menus etc. to learn how and when to use each one. The other day while working with the camera, I took pictures of my orchids and ammarylis bulbs in bloom.

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Seems the unpacking never quite gets done and still have a car full to unpack, but not today, way too cold to wrestle boxes into the apartment, however still plenty to do.

I just made a double batch of my quick yeast rolls from the blog, with an exception, I found that I could add unprocessed wheat bran to add lots of fiber to the rolls along with the unbleached and whole wheat flours. The unprocessed wheat bran is in expensive and also adds 7 grams fiber per quarter cup, so todays rolls have 28grams added fiber.

Now this is two days after the big chill and the temps are moderating and look to be in the 50’s until the weekend. I am trying to learn all the bells and whistles on my camera, and hoping not to screw something up in the process. So far so good.

Below is one of my woven vase baskets with the cylindrical glass vase insert with a start of Pothos growing in water. Beside is is a picture of my Violas that I got for next to nothing at Lowe’s a just after moving in they are twice the size of when I got them, the hanging baskets were 9.00 each marked down to $1.00 each so 7 came home with me, and knowing Violas are right at home in frigid weather.

I will be posting more pictures as I figure out more with my camera. I am also working on ordering the hoops to start work on smaller ribbed baskets for a museum in Washington DC.

I have several recipes that I want to make and post as well. So hopefully all is returning to normal after a very long two year hiatus.

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