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Hi everyone, I am hoping everyone had a great Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!

Today is a great way to end the Old Year and In with the New Year, literally minutes ago they just hooked up my internet and cable service!! I am ecstatic, as now I can go back to my routine at last as the stint in the land of Bohemia has ended, I am happy in my new apartment, have lost about 30 lbs since moving the first of November, thanks to a stable and healthy high fiber and lower carb diet!

Now back to the old routine, reading the blogs I follow and finding new ones to enjoy and writing my blog posts and recipes etc. This I very much enjoyed doing each morning from 4-5 am with a nice cup of coffee. I will be taking more pictures this year with a nice Cannon camera purchased in the summer, to help take my mind off of this awful bohemian lifestyle and get my mind onto other interests.

I am looking so forward to showing you more “Ribbed” egg style baskets, as well as Shaker Cat’s Head and Zig Zag Twill baskets in 2014. Space in my apartment is very limited and I have had to limit my weaving to these styles, and also sad things like putting the Chair Caning and Seat Weaving to rest for right now, not forever, however a suitable studio space must be found to do that as well as the market style baskets which takes a considerable amount of supplies that just cannot be done in this apartment.

I am hoping that the word “BOHEMIAN” can and will disappear from my life forever, as well as anything pertaining to, referring to, pointing towards that lifestyle and place in my life moving forward. There is just NO replacement for a stable and settled home life.

I am looking forward to regular posting to my blog this year as well as taking pictures for it.