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Thank God Almighty I am free At Last!!


Many people just cannot seem to understand, why I am so grateful to be free from what I term Bohemia, a term which means transient, vagabond, wanderer, unstable and unsettled lifestyle.

All of my life I grew up in a stable settled home life, with a good diet and warm place to live, as many of you can tell I love to cook and home can foods. I tend to be a focused person on anything and everything I do. Two years ago I was uprooted from that stable living environment, and cast into bohemia, first was with a roommate that well, some things are best left unsaid, as grandma used to say if you cannot say anything good then don’t say anything at all, and on that note I will heed her advice.

There were good points to bohemia, I cannot say there were not, but the bad far outweighed the good, as in declining of health over the last two years. Something that is caused by going from a high fiber/low carbohydrate diet, to and extremely high carbohydrate and non existent fiber diet. Literally this can kill a person and cause a myriad of health problems and it did.

Thank God Almighty He delivered me from out of the Land of Bohemia, to a near normal environment where I have been actively from day one going back to a high fiber and lower carb diet. From which in the past month I have already dropped from a 40 inch waist to a 36 inch waist, and feeling much better each day for it.

However so many people seem to think that, poof I should be unpacked and settled in by now a month in. No, I have lived several different places in my life, and this one brings new meaning to move in ready!!! NOT!! For the most part yes, except none of the kitchen cabinets had been washed out top or bottom, we won’t talk about the range hood, and the windows were so filthy you could not see out of them on the inside and outside. I have already been through a gallon and a half of ammonia and double strength Dawn, just on the kitchen cabinets and windows!

The apartment did not come with a washer and dryer, however had the hookups for them, this was a very unexpected expense and un planned for, however I need to Thank Sandra and Bill Hudelson so much for their extreme kindness by surprising me at Sears 2 weeks ago, by making it possible for me to have a washer and dryer (which has been used for many, many loads of clothes, bed linens, towels, curtains all of which were cleaned before they went into the boxes two years ago but well needed freshening up and they were. I am still one to iron things and low and behold have not located the ironing board or iron yet.

I still have a storage unit to move, mainly kitchen and living room items, all of this complicated by closing down my Afton Studio at the same time I had to move, people have a misconception that I have stopped basket weaving, I have not though have had to limit the baskets to the “Ribbed/Egg”, Shaker Cat’s Head, and Zig Zag Twill Styles, as these take the least variety of materials/handles/reeds etc. for the extremely small space I have at this point in time. Gone (for the time being) but not forgotten are the market style baskets with the myriad of handles, up to 17 sizes of reed/cane, as I try hard not to repeat designs and make all unique and original, as well as the hand caning and seat weaving for chairs, which like the market baskets have a myriad of materials, along with glues, solvents, cleaners etc, things which just cannot be done easily or adequately in a 9 x 13 spare bedroom, shared with basket weaving and other art supplies. I have not given up though, I pray everyday that a new studio somewhere will open up for me to start working on these again.

It is a shame really, this month alone I have had enquiries for about 30 chairs all having to be turned away. I am hopeful that a new studio space will turn up soon.

As things go though, I have had many friends ask when the apartment will be done ………………..BY CHRISTMAS? ……………………….boy I wish I lived in their world ! No we are looking at Feb/March as I can get time to work on unpacking, cleaning and setting everything into place, as time presents itself. No Rest for the Weary……………Yet!

I am so Thankful that 2014 will be a new year of new beginnings and back to a normal, stable and settled lifestyle for which I am hopeful the term ‘BOHEMIA’ will never have to come across these lips ever again. Also I am hopeful that I will be able to start posting again regularly, as I have missed my blogging and reading the kind comments that everyone over the past years of left for me to read. They are all very much appreciated and uplifting.