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I am hoping seriously in the coming months before the years end to be able to pick up where I left off before the bohemian life of the past two years started.

As I recall, I was just about to make and post recipes of Mennonite and Amish “Mix Recipes for the Busy Life” All of us including Mennonite and Amish families have very busy work schedules and during the Spring, Summer and Fall have many meals to prepare and therefore many make homemade Cake,Biscuit,Roll mixes as well as Crunch and Crisp Toppings for recipes such as Apple Brown Betty, and Rhubarb Crisp. The key to remember here is that all these mixes are homemade and YOU know what they contain! Store bought mixes most often have a scary list of unknown ingredients you cannot even pronounce, let alone know what they are, and as the case with most store bought products are filled to the hilt with preservatives.

I am looking forward so much to returning to “NORMAL” lifestyle and NEVER repeating this wild ride of an unsettled lifestyle of the past two years. Like many people have asked over the last two years, “Why can’t you have a normal settled lifestyle and still do your basketry and chair caning” This is only a question the art people associated with this can answer, for me your guess is as good as mine, I have not a clue!

However I am hoping that I can look ahead to a much better time to come in the year 2014.