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Thankfully I can say it is looking like this miserable bohemian lifestyle I have been caught up in for two years will end and I will once again be returning to a normal and settled home life.

I don’t even remember what I have now, as everything I own, has not seen the light of day for nearly two years. Hopefully it will be seeing the light of day in the next 30 days or so.

The one thing that I had no choice in keeping was the hundreds of canning jars, that I used religously for decades, as many of you know, that know me and my blog posts the pressure canners set by the stove and were in weekly use throughout the year! If anyone out there in my area or close have canning jars to sell or give away that I can come and pick up I would greatly appreciate it. I plan on going to all the thrift shops, however this time of year we are still in full home canning mode and jars are very heard to come by in thrift shops.

Apples are in season, soups, stews, etc. will provide a good start to home canning for me. Something I have missed very much over the past two years.

I am not quite sure where I am moving yet, however it will be in the Elkton area. I am currently looking at an apartment, and a trailer has been mentioned. Where ever I go I need room to can, and also for smaller art work, so I need a two bedroom at least.

I am looking forward again to having a place to work on art, set back and relax, cook and can, all these things I have sorely missed!

If you have or know of anyone with canning jars to sell or give away please let me know. I need both pints and quarts, regular or wide mouth.

Phone 540-908-0347

Email – mcw1961@gmail.com