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Have you ever been faced with insurmountable odds? You tried as hard a s you could to make things work in the face of adversity?

Many years ago God Blessed me with the ability to weave baskets that I learned from a dream, later came chair caning, for years I made and sold baskets at a local farmers market and local art galleries.

I felt truly blessed by God and what purpose He had in mind by giving me this ability, however like all of us, we have up and down times in our lives, we try to make it on our own but in the end we must ask God what he wants for us in life.

Hardships befell me in 2006, however I persevered with the baskets, it was one of the only things that kept me from falling into deep depression. I knew that God gave me this gift for a reason, and once again I persevered.

Over the past two years it has been nothing short or an ongoing struggle to keep the basketry and chair caning / seat weaving alive, with limited resources, very little assistance financially to make a go of it, and to keep it going, I was just about to give up. Then a studio space came along, a ray of bright golden sunshine amidst to dark and despairing gloom. Perseverance once again took hold and I persevered, however unfortunately due to the trials of 2006, I was unable to supply my studio with needed supplies

Being a person that likes to be self sufficient, and a home body at that, with strong Mennonite values of home life and drive for life, this stable home life left and in hopes the studio would be a way to take me back to a stable home life, alas it has not, now face with the past 1 3/4 years of living a very bohemian and nomadic lifestyle I have been overwhelmed with the desire to return to a stable and centered home life.

While the bohemian and nomadic lifestyle may be just right for many people out there. I am drawn back to that stable lifestyle. Apparently you cannot have a stable home life, and do your art work at the same time, I have prayed about it and it seems that in order to have the stable home life I must sacrifice the baskets and chair work and use my studio rent money to help find that stable life once again.

Through prayer over this matter I again have been blest to go to smaller forms of art that do not take up the space as for basketry and chair caning / seat weaving, I often wondered why it was that I would lean to do these things years ago, when I had the basketry, now I know I was being prepared for the day like this when I have to make a choice between a stable home life and God’s Gift to me

So in essence I am saying that when my lease is up in my Afton Studio, I will give up what I have been given, and work at art forms that can be done in a home like setting not requiring the space needed for the baskets and chairs. I will be persuing, photography, work in precious metal clay. It is time to move on, and start the year 2014 out on a better note of less struggling and hopefully a better more stable living situation. Once again I can return to canning, freezing, dehydrating  as well. Several friends are now helping me look for a mobile home, and I am hoping to once again have a settled and routine oriented life.

There is work in the studio I will be finishing up over the next couple of months, before moving on.

Thank you to everyone, customers, friends and all of the wonderful people I have met and learned to know over the past 20+ years, in basketry, seat weaving and hand caning.

I will continue with my blog and a new website to showcase my new art work, as well as Mennonite and Amish cooking and recipes, gardening if I am fortunate enough to find a home when I can once again do these things.

Life is Ever Changing and it must be my time to change.