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I love coffee, most of the year I love a nice cup of hot coffee with a bit of half & half in it, however Summer is here and even though I love warm weather, it does not like me that well. I love iced tea, most of the time unsweetened, however lately I have been in the mood for Iced Coffee.

The other day I was in a place that I could not make iced coffee at home, and I thought about going to Starbucks and while Starbucks was a God Send to me over the past year, as an escape from a miserable living situation and I am so grateful to them for being there, I just cannot bring my self to pay over 3.00 for an iced coffee, just the regular 2.35 Venti sized coffee with half & half and they charge you 1.00 plus for the ice in it. I have to draw the line somewhere especially when it is so cheap and easy to make at home.


During my search on the net to see the many ways people make iced coffee, I have found I am in a minority here. I need to watch my sugar intake, and even with that I have NEVER been a guy to put sugar in coffee, so that works well for me. Though in my searches I have found most people seem to prefer iced coffee as sweet as they can get it, actually candy sweet. NOT ME! I am satisfied with Black Coffee with a dash of 1/2 & 1/2 and ice, DELICIOUS!!

If you love iced coffee during the hot summer days and are worried about watering down your coffee from melting ice this is a simple trick to dispel that right now. Just make your coffee the strength you like from regular to extra strong, and freeze it in ice cube trays, as easy as that then package up in zip-loc bags and freeze. You can add a simple syrup in the sweetness you desire or do not add sugar at all.

When brewing my coffee, it is not as complicated as most seem to make it, I just brew my coffee using the same amount of coffee and 1/2 of the water if I intend on using regular ice cubes and not coffee cubes. This helps the coffee not get that weakened flavor as the ice melts.

Believe me homemade is always better as you adjust the taste and sweetness to your own taste and the cost savings is far from coffee shop iced coffee.

Here are some simple syrup recipes, that you may like to try, for those of you that prefer a sweeter coffee. Simple syrups are used in many areas of cooking, one of them being hard candies, others used in cooked meringues, and yet others to sweeten beverages. Here is a simple syrup from pure cane sugar and I am sure if you prefer you could also use raw or turbinado sugar.

If you click on the picture you will be taken to the blog Amanda’s Apron, where you will find this “Simple Syrup Recipe” and many other recipes.

You can also make a brown sugar simple syrup which I tried years ago when making homemade Kahlua, which when made with just white sugar simple syrup lacked that smooth character found in store bought Kahlua, however when I made the brown sugar syrup, you could hardly tell the difference between the Kahlua Brand and the home made. I used the same recipe except as always when using brown sugar you should have the measuring cup well packed. If you do not have brown sugar on hand and need it remember Brown Sugar is so easy to make at home.

  Clicking on the brown sugar picture will take you to the recipe on my blog for making “HOMEMADE BROWN SUGAR”

Simple Syrups can be infused with so many things to be used to sweeten teas as well, such as lemon and other citrus peels, cinnamon sticks, assorted whole spices, fresh berries (strained out when completed). Flavored simple syrups are great for gift giving.