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I am not sure how I will post about the progress on the website, though I thought this morning while I was listening to videos on Hostgator where my site will be hosted, that it may be interesting to some of you about progress that hopefully is being made, while others may find it absolutely mind numbing and boring!

Right now I live in constant fear of botching the entire thing up from the get go, however the instructional tutorial videos make it sound fairly simple, step by step, and I do have help from others via email that can help confirm that I am botching the process up! or getting it right. (I hope the latter is the case)

This week I am working on downloading WordPress.org to my computer, hopefully then I will have picked a theme, not certain yet if it will be a free theme, or a purchased premium theme. I have found out this week the difference on most free themes is that you end up working with coding a lot more and doing a lot of the work in this area yourself, while the paid themes have so much of it done for you, it is worth the 97.00 you pay not to have to learn to do it all yourself. Choices, choices, choices.

Some say do it yourself, well now that is something I could do, but then I know all too well then people will say where are the baskets? Where are the chairs? Well I tell you if I have to spend vast quantities of time working out bugs, correcting huge boo boo’s, figuring out and finding code and all that there will be many fewer baskets and chairs happening, so in the end it may be a very good thing to pay for the premium theme so I can move forward on weaving/caning content for the website.

Right now if you type in the domain, you will get nothing! However when things progress to the website stage you will be able to use the url:


In addition I have received emails from subscribers to the blog, worried that I will drop the blog and its format, on basketry, seat weaving, hand caning, rural living, Mennonite and Amish Life, Cooking and Recipes. NO! That is not the case, this week I have looked into and found out how to transfer the blog in its entirety to a blog page within the new website, and redirect all to the new location, everything is to be and should remain the same with the blog.

Hopefully posts will be more frequent as I go through all the steps to creating the website. I want to post on other topics as well, as soon as I get my storage racks for the studio and can get organized I will post pictures of an organized workspace.

The Chrome Racks that I had to give up because the people moving me could not fit them on the truck, will be replaced with identical racks from Costco. These racks are great, and virtually will last forever. For my uses in the studio you can dry baskets on the racks due to their construction, which allows for perfect ventilation with or with out a fan, reed storage, hanging strand cane from, and storing works in progress.  The link below will take you to the Costco website, however these identical racks in the warehouse only sell for 89.95, the racks I had to give up were bought about 15 years earlier for 49.95 each. So this is something I will be working on over the the summer to replace all 5 racks.

Costco Chrome Racks