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With the encouragement of several people including my good friend Katherine Kreymborg-Wilson of Weaving Restorations, South Hampton, NY, & Cathryn Peters of www.wickerwoman.com.  I have decided to start a Face Book Business page.

I am trying to figure out just how to do it, really not sure what I am doing, if any of you that have done this have any tips, tricks or pointers I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

In a way it is very similar to doing my blog, but in a much more complicated way, it looks like to me.

Soon I am hoping to have some baskets and chairs that I hope to post pictures of to the blog “Heritage Basket Studio” that is linked to this blog, which will show basket and chairs that I have in the studio for sale. They can be purchased by contacting me directly for information, as WordPress.com does not allow selling thru their blogs.

Currently for sale in the studio is a Walnut Mule Eared Rocker with a herringbone twill splint bottom seat, and soon to be completed Black Hitchcock style chair with gold stenciling hand caned chair.


I will be adding chairs to the list as the coming weeks go by, as I have chairs that need to be moved out of the studio that I collected over the years, and need to make room for others.


The coming weeks will bring new basket designs, and market style baskets with and without cane braided handles. It has taken a while to adjust to actually getting time in my new studio, however this has been rectified, and I should be devoting a considerable amount of time to working in the studio, to be able to build a routine now.

Nearly complete is a customers set of hand caned chairs, the pictures below show the detail “BEFORE & AFTER”, all that is left is the binder to cover the holes and color matching of the seats. These chairs has several points of weakness when they came into the studio, they were missing a complete back row of caning, short front row, and two short side rows.

100_0263   100_0262