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Thankfully this move to a better living situation has be a vast improvement over the past year in exile. This week when I went shopping, felt like I have returned to human race, it felt so good to go shopping to get things to cook with in the kitchen, the start of a proper diet indeed.

I was able for the first time in a year to buy bread making supplies, items to actually plan real meals, not pre packaged foods, a vast improvement over having to buy fast food 3 meals a day, something I never want to re visit ever again!!

Last night I was able to make a homemade pizza, not like commercial pizzas with a smattering of a couple ingredients on top, to say Hi I am a pizza, lots of bread and very little substance. For the first time in a year I was able to chop onions, green peppers and mushrooms and all the toppings that truly make a homemade pizza a complete meal in one.

This weekend I want to make a batch of refrigerator rolls, so that each evening we can fix homemade rolls to have with each meal. I have sour cream for sour cream biscuits, and whole wheat flour so that a couple of loaves of wheat bread can be made for sandwiches and to have with breakfast each morning.

*Note~ by clicking on the recipe titles in bold, you will be taken to that recipe on my blog.

Last week my roommate Brian was going to toss out several bananas that turned brown (a sin) I took and mashed them up with some lemon juice and put them into a Ziploc bag and flattened and froze them for banana bread this week, however I will be experimenting with my tried and true oatmeal cake w/broiled coconut icing recipe,  by adding the bananas and some grated carrot to the recipe to see if we cannot make a somewhat more wholesome cake (the original recipe is fantastic) however between additional fiber and carrots you have the best of several worlds. I will be posting the recipe should everyone like it, if they don’t it will quietly go away and no one will hear about it again, until I decided to tweak the recipe again. LOL!

I cannot tell you how much more human I feel with this move back to humanity where you live life, not just exist in it waiting to die.