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100_0253Several weeks ago, I went to stay with my friend Diane, who lives right beside the river at Rawley Springs, VA. which is in the foot hills of Shenandoah mountain, part of the Allegany mountain range.

Snow was forcast for the next day or so and it did snow fast and heavy, we ended up with 20 inches of snow, about 4 inches heavy wet, and the balance was dry and fluffy with a layer of sleet on top. While in the Shenandoah Valley there did not seem to be wide spread power outages, and downed trees, the drive home across the Blue Ridge Mountains eastern slopes to Charlottesville, VA resembled a disaster area with downed trees and power outages, I was told they received about 10 inches of all heavy wet snow. On my way to the studio in Afton, VA the roadsides in places are piled high with debris still from the storm, broken trees, downed trees.

100_0257These pictures are not as clear as I would like as they were taken in early morning from the screened in porch (for the most part) over looking the river. Hope you enjoy them.



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