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The saga goes on, looking for a cottage to rent in Nelson county now. All has failed in finding a cottage or tenant house in Western Albemarle County. I am still looking there, however does not seem to be anything I can afford in the 500.00/month range.

I am now looking in Northern Nelson County around the Rockfish Valley Community Center and Afton area, actually could be between Afton and Crozet. I have been unsuccessful at locating anything in these areas. If this fails I will have to move back to the valley in Rockingham or Augusta counties. The commute to the studio is no further than driving from Ruckersville 5 days a week.

I will keep the studio at RVCC no matter which side of the mountain I live on. As nice as it would be to live close to the studio, I have drive 50+ miles to Nelson county for years now. Though with the price of gas it would be nice to be closer. I will also start looking in the Waynesboro area, however the real possibility exists in the coming weeks that a move back to Harrisonburg may be my only choice.

If anyone knows of anything like this or has any leads please let me know. My information to contact me can be found on the General Information page of this blog.