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I  must admit that finally I am getting back to normal now, especially since downloading Firefox to this computer! Everything is more like it used to be. Firefox has tabs on the page instead of tiles, it also does not do the screwy things that Internet Explorer seems to want to do all the time. Now I remember why I changed so many years ago to Firefox.

Even though I still have not tried moving my Picasa Photo Album over (need an external hard drive) but that will have to way weeks yet. I need to get caught up from buying the new computer. I just would not know what it is like to buy a computer because you want to, vs having to buy one because you have to. Perhaps one day I will find out what that is like.

Even though I don’t have Picasa on this computer yet, I have found that most of my pictures are on Google Images, and I can use them on my blog posts. This is good in a way and yet don’t like that either. However it will help me make blog posts for now.

I desperately want to get my studio set up so that I can feel good about having people visit the studio to see what I am working on, both in the way of basketry and seat weaving. However right now without my racks to hold all the supplies and baskets in the process etc. everything is all over the floor, not a very inviting look of professionalism, believe me there is a professional weaver / caner in there somewhere, but I even have to look for him when I go into the studio, I could not find him the other day either.

I am hoping it will not take months longer to have the racks and partitions up so that I can feel good about people coming to the studio, rather than cringing every time someone walks in the door. However you can only do what you can do, the unexpected purchase of a new laptop did not help to that end either, as that money was earmarked for the racks and partitions, and life goes on.

I am looking forward in the coming months to being in the studio more, now than out of it. It is my plan to work on baskets, as well as chairs more consistently than I have been able to do in the past year or so.

What I lack most right now is routine, I like routine in work, being able to schedule out and plan work each day so that, work and life has a consistent flow to it. It seems so hard to build momentum when everyday is always chopped up. Being an early riser and a true morning person, I love diving right in, honestly minutes upon getting out of bed in the mornings. Over the last year or so, many hours each day are just plain wasted not being able to get to the studio. I would say at least 5-6 hours of each morning, of prime weaving time. Generally speaking late afternoon is when I prefer to move onto other art work I like doing, precious metal clay, water color painting, card making, these are what I call my wind down arts, as the day is coming to a close they are the relaxing arts.


Mornings are reserved for exacting work that takes mathematics and calculations, precise and exacting work of delicate hand caning and basketry, when the day is young and fresh.

Well I am hoping that in time (sooner rather than later) I can once again, have a routine to my life, over the past year it has been very routineless!  (not a word) but it is today! Creative License invoked!

I am hoping now that I have my Windows Live Writer back, getting closer to being able to post pictures, and move forward that I will be able to post consistently like in the past.  

Now that I have praised Windows Live Writer, I find that I cannot adjust the size of type or type styles the way I used to. Just for future reference does anyone out there know of a program like Windows Live Writer that I may be able to subscribe to or purchase or is free like this, that will link to blogging platforms like WordPress? I have been told that WLW, is going away and I hate to hear it as it is far better than working with a blog editor as in WordPress.

Now since I cannot get the type styles to change nor the size, I have no idea how this post is going to publish. So just bare with me until I can figure it all out.