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I am getting used to the new computer,, though I still think that Windows 8 is confusing but getting used to it more at this point. I would have to agree with people when they say it is geared for touch screen phones, I pads etc, I will have to admit that I am not that technologically advanced, I do not even know how to text, yes I am one of the old fogies that firmly believe that if you are going to text with someone for 20 minutes, just pick up the phone and dial the number, in most cases it is a click or two away in your contact list.

I have been working on trying to download MS Live Writer, which I love to write and post to the blog in, as well as get my photograph files moved over to the new computer, but that will be several week until I can get the external hard drive and have it all moved over. (if it will work) the hard drive that is,, otherwise I will need to just start over again.

All in all things are coming along now, as well as the search for a better living situation, which I am hopeful will change before to long. Over all I think things are improving.