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Well I have to admit that even thought it still seems utterly confusing and also requires many more clicks to get things accomplished than ever before, at least I am learning now where things are and how to get to them.

I still think that it would have been much easier to have a start menu like before. I must say that I am glad to have the computer back at last! I am still trying to figure out where on the computer is Windows Live Writer, yesterday I tried downloading it for use with the blog and it said there was a current version on the computer already, but that is one thing not easy to find, I have not found it yet.

My friend David Lipscomb that owns the VA Rock Shop at the community center I am located in and is next door to me there, thought he read where they are doing away with Live Writer (I sure hope not ) it is a great tool for writing blog posts. I am going to search for information on this and see if there is a new program or alternative. All in all feeling better about it all today. Like I said Windows 8, a big learning curve compared to Vista