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Well, this is a learning curve for me as the old computer died, a Dell Laptop, we are hopeful in being able to extract all the files including all of my basket, chair and blog pictures. The new laptop is a Toshiba P875-S7102, which I am sure it great or will be, it is the Windows 8 operating system I am in doubts of, as it seems geared to make you work 10 times harder than you ever did before. Nothing seems easy, nor is anything easy to get to, what used to be a simple matter of opening the starting menu, is now on the sides top bottom, lit may open it may not. I am sure it is a learning curve however I have already met several people that have changed theirs to Windows 7.

Well life is a challenge and this is just another challenge. If anyone has any helpful suggestions or tips on using Windows 8 please let me know.

Also writing this post is very different for me as I have used Windows Live Writer to do 80% of all my posts due mostly due to its ease of use. Today I tried to download Windows Live Writer and it would not let me saying that I had a current version on my brand new computer, however after over an hour of searching I have not been able to find it . So this post may look a bit different from usual. This is being done with the Word Press editor.

Again any helpful tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated in working with Windows 8.

Well this post will not have a picture, just found out that Windows 8 will not allow you to borrow an image, you must copy to the library and that is not set up and I am not sure at this point how to do that. (boring post)