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100_0240The last several weeks in the studio have been a mishmash of things going on, as there has been a real heat crisis at the community center where the hot water heat system was not heating any of the artists studios at all, it was just way to cold to work in my room without looking and dressing like the Michelin Man, however that does not help your hands when working in water all day, so I have not spent much time there.

While being faced with the possibility of needing to buy up to 800.00 worth of Eden Pure like heaters just to have a working studio with warmth. UPDATE- As of yesterday we suddenly have heat in all the studios, was actually the first real day in a month or more I can say I enjoyed working in the studio, without being chilled to the bone each night.

I am hoping the heat situation is resolved, as the 800.00 would have went a long way to getting my storage racks and luan doors for partitions to make my studio presentable to the public and myself, as everything is now laying on the floor, if I can do without investing in that many heaters, then hopefully by the end of the month I may be able to have the studio completely set up! What a Great Feeling for me that would be.

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The chairs you see in the pictures mostly are chairs that I have acquired over the years that were in my storage unite in Bridgewater, that thanks to my great friends David & Robin Miller and their son Jason, moved for me on last Friday.

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Amongst these chairs were several customers chairs that have waited patiently long and now they are in line to be hand caned. I have already started removing bottoms and started the hand caning as you can see.

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