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PICT0411Yesterday my good friends David & Robin Miller and son Jason, all helped me  move my chair caning storage unit from Bridgewater to the Afton Studio at the Rockfish Valley Community Center, now I have one storage rack, used to hold some chair caning / seat weaving supplies, Plus some reed storage tubs for open coils and chairs that I have picked up over the years and that have been given to me as well as some customers chairs to be completed. line a 30 foot wall at the studio. It is my plan to cane or replace the bottoms in these chairs and have them for sale. to anyone interested.

This week I have been working on finishing at basket order and 2 hand caned chairs for a local customer, the only problem that I am having in un co-operative weather to stain and dry baskets and hand caned chairs outside, which is forcing me to do all staining indoors as orders need to go out. So tis week that will be taken care of.

As well as hoping soon to make the purchase of two Eden Pure (LIKE) heaters to heat the studio, to comfortable temperatures to have my hands in water all the time, while working, these heaters will  make it possible to spend many more hours in the studio, mainly early mornings and some later evenings.

MitchellWebster_5Should anyone come to the studio over the next several months, just be prepared to see a mess, I am trying to work on acquiring the Chrome Shelving Racks from Costco that I had to give up in my move across the mountain last March. these racks of more versatile than wood, hold lots of weight (which I don’t have to worry with baskets) shelves fully adjustable and they roll across the floor easily to make rearranging and cleaning so easy. For the time being everything in the studio is stacked and piled on the floor.

Everything will come in time, I am just trying to forewarn people that they will NOT be seeing a neat clean and well organized studio for a while, until I can get the racks and luan doors for walls and partitions in the studio, all in good time.

As these updates are made I will be posting pictures to the blog.

I would also like to add here that I have made one update to the GENERAL INFORMATION PAGE , under the phone number. I would like to request if you make a call concerning chairs or baskets that you do leave a voice mail,, stating that you have questions concerning chairs or baskets, as this number is for personal and business use. and this way I will know to contact those interested ASAP, otherwise it may take a while to get back to you.  Thank You.