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Well this morning after running all sorts of Antivirus programs and coming up totally clean, I remembered that I had downloaded a program called Microsoft Fix It, and so I ran it, and it says that I have to many conflicting programs running on start up, that I need to check some of them off, so they can make them not start all at the same time.

However the problem is for me, I am NO COMPUTER GURU, the programs are not like Yahoo, Firefox, etc. they have other names and I have no idea which programs need to be kept and which can be started later.

So now I am trying to figure out how in the world to find out which you need and which you don’t without screwing things up further. So I am very close to actually having a functioning laptop. The computer has been left plugged in and on for two days now, as I am afraid I cannot get it started again if I turn it off.

Any suggestions on this subject would be greatly appreciated.