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PICT0402I want to thank all of you that commented, sent emails etc. regarding yesterdays post.

“When People Demand to Know Your Business”

This has been very a very depressing part of my move to the Charlottesville area, something I have just never been accustomed to in my life, people have been nosy, but not to the point of being demanding repeatedly at one time.

I was very upset by this last time, and I do not like to be upset to the level that I was, thanks to so many of you out there that helped me see the light, to just ignore the roommate, take a drive, go walk around in a shop or a store, but to ignore this shallow person that has nothing better to do than tend to other peoples business.

I am heeding the advice of many and trying to find another living situation, my friend Dyan, made a huge impact on making me see this person in a different light. Thank You Dyan.

I am praying that better days are ahead.