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Over the course of the last year, I have had to deal with a problem that I never have had to deal with before. I let it slide for so long, thinking to myself that perhaps I am just reading something into a conversation that is not really there.

However where I moved, I have a roommate, that seems to want to make my life her very own, why people cannot be satisfied with the life God gave to them and just be happy sweeping around their own door step, I will never know. I am sure that she has more than enough to sweep around without seeking to nose in other peoples private lives and personal business.

It was not until one day this past winter that she actually demanded to know my business, that time I just ignored her and went on to bed, after demanding 4 times to know my business.

Then the second time months later she demanded to know where I go, what friends I have, why I stay gone so long and what I do when I am gone. This totally floored me that someone has such a shallow life that they feel they have to actually demand of me what mine is.

I have reached a point where a third time is going to result in a cataclysmic explosion of near biblical proportions if it happens again. Since I am un familiar with this type of demanding behavior and really do not like to have this type of explosion (it is coming) I thought I would ask the advice of my readers if they have had to deal with such people in their lives and how they have dealt with them?

Please comment or email me directly address can be found on the General Information page.

I have come to a point where seeking the advice of others is better than an explosion of biblical proportions, I don’t like to be pushed to that point, and not a good place to be.