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Well this morning the weatherman actually got it right, he either is getting better, or it was just a fluke of nature, considering the track record I am going with a fluke of nature!

It is a super cold 16 degrees this morning at the Holly Mead Starbucks this morning, the roads were bad but not slippery, and it still continues to snow lightly, however I afraid the forecast may be right this time for really snowy weather on Friday and the weekend, just praying that the roads are alright and I can get out.

Now the best part of this morning is the wonderful sunrise, thought not as brilliant as I thought it may be, it did get better in stages as the morning went on and now the sun is out fully.

I was able to get some nice pictures you to enjoy as well.

All pictures have been posted in the order they were taken, so that you can see the natural progression of the sunrise.

You can enlarge all the pictures by clicking on them. they will open in a new window.

Below are pictures from Sunrise

100_0159  100_0160  100_0161

100_0162  100_0163 


These were more spectacular in person

100_0164  100_0165

100_0166  100_0167

100_0168  100_0169