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100_0131Well today I am looking around Crozet, Virginia, the midway point between Afton, Virginia (where my Basketry/ Chair Caning Studio is located) and Charlottesville, Virginia. However as of right now the only lead I have is this little gray house near the Parkway Pharmacy. I am sure with prayer and some flowers even this could be made nice.

However I am still looking, if anyone knows of a cottage on a farm, or even a trailer at this point I will look at anything presented if it is in my price range which I know at this point is lower.  Please let me know if you know of anything in Crozet or the “surrounding area” I prefer to live alone, as I have tried the roommate situation and found it not to be my cup of tea. I realize that not every roommate situation is a bad one, however I don’t mind at all living alone and actually prefer it.

Anyone with information, suggestions please contact me by the following methods or leave a comment on the blog.

Mitchell Webster


email- mcw1961@gmail.com

send by snail mail to

Mitchel Webster

3447 Seminole Trail
Suite B
Charlottesville, VA 22911