I know some of you unless you have a blog or a website are asking what in the world are a blogs static blog pages. These are the pages that for years I have cringed every time my statistics page says someone has visited. Not because they wanted to see the information there. but that the information there was very generic.

Generic? Why? Just because when I started my blog nearly 4 years ago, in March I will be starting year five. I did not have one clue what I was doing, wanting to put something on these pages for readers, subscribers and visitors to read and have a general over view of everything. Well I did not do a very good job, it took years of posting to my blog to realize the postings were getting better than the static pages, which are the pages at the top of the blog home page, such as ABOUT,, GENERAL INFORMATION, CONTACT, RURAL LIVING ETC.

The page just re worked is the ABOUT  page and I have put it for right now under GENERAL INFORMATION, I will continue to take one page at a time and also add new pages as this blog them allows for sub or “child” pages under each page.

Since pages are static when I publish them a notice is not sent out, rather I need to do just like this and notify you in a post as the pages are updated. I am hoping that these pages will present information in a more professional manner than they originally did.