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Good Afternoon Everyone,

This is just to let you know as before several months ago I had a false alarm on computer problems that seemed to correct themselves, today Firefox continues not to respond, I am hoping that I can get this to post to the blog before the computer completely stops working.

I have been working all morning on Updating all the static pages on the blog, to make all information more useful, and up to date with contact information, studio information and updated information on the various forms of basketry and chair caning I do. However just trying to do that has taken hours longer due to constant freezing up.

Fixing this computer or buying a new one is not in the cards at this time as the relentless never ending car problems that have literally plagued me since summer to the tune of nearly $ 2,000.00 has totally killed any chance of replacing this computer.

So incase you do not get or see a post from me for a very long time I assure you I am still here (somewhere) without and connection to the internet., however rest assured I will return at some time when things get better, or I can actually stop having this car breakdown. (and I will reiterate relentlessly) the computer will be replaced.

Just to get this post written the computer has stopped responding 4 times, holding my breath here, I am afraid to put a picture in, so I am going to hit publish and hope for the best!

Just because I have not gotten to finish updating I am putting all important contact information on this page. since the others are outdated.

Mitchell Webster

Heritage Basket Studio & Chair Caning

190 Rockfish School Lane

Afton, Virginia 22920

Phone~ 540-908-0347

email. ~ mcw1961@gmail.com

Anyone interested in baskets, chair caning, or coming to the studio please call , I do not have an alternate email to refer you to contact me at .  if you email me and I cannot access my email address and do not get a response please call.