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I have not gotten to spend much time in the studio since I got it in November, (not my doings) constant car breakdowns etc keeping me from getting there.

However I make the most of the time I am there.,, however it does amaze me when I am there one day, and people seem to think that I have made 50 baskets in one day. when in reality it will take a week  to complete a couple baskets,(market style ) especially when the weather is cold and you cannot stain the baskets, as you will see in these photographs.

Note* Ribbed. Shaker Cat Head, and Zig Zag Twill baskets take considerably more time that market style baskets to complete as all of the art baskets require shaping and much finer materials are used.

This is just a quick post, to show what has been going on. You will soon see there are no racks to put the baskets on so I will soon pile them on the floor, this looks like a lot, but they have had to be done over the past 6 weeks due to lack of time in the studio.

100_0091  100_0092

100_0093  100_0094

100_0095  100_0105

100_0106  100_0107

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