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100_0043I wanted to share that since getting my new studio in Afton, Virginia, it has renewed my hope and desires to continue on in my Basketry Design and Seat Weaving & Chair Caning work.

After a very uncertain year (2012) this studio has given me a renewed purpose in life to move forward, that there indeed is a purpose to my Gift that God gave to me.

Which leads me to the first posts of 2013.

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So many people over the years have asked me how I learned to weave baskets, and hence cane chairs, this is not an easy nor a quick story to tell in a time restrained space such as a show, at those times it was much easier to say I was self taught, which is not true, you need more background than this short post to explain as the coming post will explain, I learned to weave baskets in a Dream. To this day decades later al I have to do is think of a basket even using unusual things and a color picture just appears in my mind a 3 dimensional picture at that.

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Believe me when I tell you there are far more pictures than baskets I have been able to weave over the years. So many I want to weave, some of which are and would be considered contemporary with roots in traditional, however, time, space, and money over the past 6 years has kept me from making these designs turn to realities.

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So this studio in Afton has given me renewed hope, that finally these designs can come to fruition during the coming year. This post explaining my ability to weave baskets will be titled “God’s Gift”

I also wanted to take this time to thank the many people searching and finding my blog as well as the many Subscribers and Followers of my blog, and their patience during these trying years (especially 2012) when I just did not often have material to post., however thanks to you out there that have sent me constant letters, emails and comments of encouragement that times would get better. Thanks so much to all of you out there.

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