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I want to wish all my readers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I am not looking back at the year 2012, which was a year of extraordinary change in my life, overwhelming at times, depressing, and very stress filled year much of the time. yet hoping all this is has meant being headed in a positive direction for the coming year.

PICT0167I think when change comes gradually it is much easier to deal with and adjust to, than when it is an abrupt and radical change. In my case taking me from a self sufficient lifestyle, to I am not sure what you would call this in my case, I always refer to it as a life of just existing (something I have never been keen on) . To just exist in life is to die.

However here at the very end of 2012, I want to put all that behind me and move forward and hope and pray that 2013 turns out to be a very positive year full of learning and not just existing in life.

MitchellWebster_5I now have my basket weaving and chair caning /art studio, which I dearly love and has been the one bright spot of the entire year. One which I will spend all of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day working in.

I was invited to my brothers for Christmas Eve dinner, however unfortunately due to very unexpected car repairs (many times this year) it left me without the gas money to make the trip an hour west to be there. So we will make the best of the situation at hand and work in the studio.

I am hoping and praying for a positive change to the living situation in 2013, and being able to design more baskets both modern and contemporary in form and design. MitchellWebster_6-003

I want to thank everyone that has left comments and sent emails with positive reinforcement, that better things will come, they are greatly appreciated, you will never know how much appreciated they are and have been over the past year.

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