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Photograph of the 4 seasons by Holly Lombardo, she creates beautiful acrylic paintings and beautiful works of Art, to visit her website please click on the above picture.

It seems that all of us are creatures of habit, living life in our own varied and unique ways, as for most of us our lives are filled with “routine”. Routine is good, we all have our special ways that we perform the daily tasks of life, a pretty set way of doing things, this is not to say that routine has to be boring and mundane. For many it is, for others the routine can be made fun, in the ways that we all perform tasks and get the things of life done.

I will have to admit that this year for myself has been as far removed from anything that I have ever known, this morning coming down the road to the Hollymead Starbucks, I thought this is the year without seasons for me. The changing of the seasons usually denote to change in routine or lifestyle for each of us in life. Sometime a subtle way of doing things, looking forward to the change in the daily routine that we do.


In all of my past years nearly 52, and at least in my adult life when we all mostly really form the routines of life, doing the things we do and looking forward to the season changes in the routines of life to accommodate temperature and climatic changes with the seasons this year has been totally removed from my life.

When this change in lifestyle changed for myself, it stripped me of all routine, all the ways of doing things just evaporated into the universe. I am hoping soon to regain some since of organization of my routine, when once again the seasons will be noted and acted upon.


I know that by now you are reading this and wondering where in the world is this going. I need to explain my routines of life and changing of the seasons. A good place to start is Winter, particularly the month of January when my life was turned upside down, and seems to have remained that way for one full year.

January got notice that after 14 years in the same apartment building I had to move. this is quite enough to turn ones life and routine upside down. It was after all January and the holidays are over, but generally speaking during the first three months of the year we look to spring with great anticipation, as Spring is a time of new birth and re birth, everywhere around us outside all of nature breaks forth with grandeur and ever changing beauty, temperatures moderate.


I know that I skipped the first 3 months they were horrendous months of packing, cleaning and preparing to move. someone asked me the other day how many people helped you do all of this, my reply (ME, MYSELF AND I) the three of us! LOL JUST MYSELF, worn out beaten down and tired I managed to do it all (my three friends from Charlottesville John, Patrick, and Mark) came and moved most of my belongings over the mountain for this I am eternally grateful! Without their help I would have had to have just set everything out to the curb and given up. this first quarter of the year I would just like to forget.

Little did I realize that all routine from my life would disappear for the entire year. This spring I really missed the preparing and planting of the flower beds and boxes, shopping in the Mennonite Greenhouses in Spring Creek, VA  You know with flowers and gardening no matter how down you feel, you always see their smiling blooms looking at you to brighten your days……………….TOTATLLY GONE!

 PICT0397  PICT0396

Also during the spring months my routine changes as we look forward to the coming canning season and putting up for winter, cooking things from the garden, going to the produce auction, and farm stands looking for deals to bring home and put into our canning jars, dehydrator, deep freeze. …………TOTALLY GONE!

So basically we have come to the fall of the year, the clearing of the gardens, watching as the frosts take a little more life out of everything in the gardens, but the geraniums manage to hang on, until they succumb to Old Man Winter. Even the Mums give in to winter, preserving for the winter still goes on, making of apple and pear butters, the things life are made of …………………TOTALLY GONE!

PICT1030  PICT1039

Back to Winter, when we all look forward to cooking for the holidays, for us at home not as much about abundant gifts, but good times, good home cooked food and meals with family and friends, times of great caring and sharing among families, friends new and old.  I do like going to the Mennonite greenhouses that I loved to go to in the spring to see the 15 – 20,000 poinsettias in bloom, a spectacular and breathtaking site to be sure. …………………TOTALLY GONE!


Even though after the holidays we are back to old man winters blast, I still had my kitchen window filled with Phalenopsis orchids, vines rooting and growing, Christmas Cactus blooming and Amaryllis bulbs growing and blooming so winter still had color and anticipation of the coming spring.  ……………….TOTALLY GONE!

We all have or need routine in life, I have experienced a year devoid of  the routines of life what I term “JUST EXISTING” in life.


Just at a time when I felt like throwing in the sponge (not on life) I am not that way, but on the art work I do, and life that I live (d)  then a glimmer of hope returns, a basketry and art studio, this has made the spark of life return to my desolate year of just existing without purpose. Once again plants festoon the windows of abundant light flooding the room, and giving a renewal in meaning and purpose to my life. beautiful views,, looking ahead to the next year it is my desire and dream to work towards NEVER AGAIN VISITING THE  YEAR WITHOUT SEASONS! 

I want to thank all the people that made this new studio at RVCC possible, once again I have renewed hope for the year to come that things can only continue to get better.

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