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I will admit this past year for me has been anything but encouraging in lifestyle, indeed I was taken out of my comfort zone, where as I have said before being a person where I prided my self in being more self sufficient cooking, canning, preserving, dehydrating as well as all the other duties that make a household a home, just disappeared from my life, along with any routine that existed before. I think we all need a routine of some sort and this varies widely for each of us and our different lifestyles. A routine gives us a reason to wake in the morning and get on with life. (There is NO Routine where I live) 

Basically I was put into a position that I always looked on with distain in life, and that is the” Art of Just Existing in Life”, waiting to die. To just exist is death itself, where people have no hopes, dreams, desires, aspirations, one day just bleeds into the next, an awful life, period. The only expectation is that nothing will change in other words you just exist.

In life you should be happy, or at least find ways and things to do that makes you happy. Finding interests, hobbies, walking, getting out and meeting people, there are so many ways it just boggles the mind, one does not have any reason to just Exist.  To Exists, is a waste of a human life, where one does not grow or seek growth.

For me this picture shows that indeed there is light in the midst of dark times, that there is a greater power in charge beyond human explanation and hope & light at the end of the tunnel. Thing will change for the better.

I guess it was my turn and someone wanted to show me how right I was about just existing, I can now say that I have been there, done that, and absolutely HATE it, and never want to visit that place again!

Now this post does have a positive side to it. It is due to this life of just existing that I was forced to spend hours each day in Starbucks, as I have no internet at where I am living, and had to go away to get it., so that I could make posts to my blog.

It is over the past year that I can say with all honesty I have met and made friends with the nicest group of people working at the Hollymead town Center-  Starbucks in Charlottesville, VA, they are so kind, always calling me by my first name (kind of feels like I am on Cheers)

I have also made friends from customers that I see and set near during my long hours here each day, some of the nicest people, that actually look for me here and wonder why I am not here when I have run low on gas and could not make into Starbucks..

I will have to say that during one of the most shocking times of just “existing” in life for me, I have met some of the kindest people at the HollyMead Starbucks anyone could have ever asked to meet, they all truly brighten my days.

At this holiday season and all the other times of the past year I THANK GOD FOR EACH AND EVERYONE, that  I have met and made new friends with, they truly have brightened my days and my life.

A Poem for the Day!


A Simple Act Of Kindness

A simple act of kindness
can stop a million tears.
A little hug
can give so much joy.
A letter now and then to someone
can save so many wasted years.
We should hold every moment precious
and help as many as we can
with a simple act of kindness
every now and then.
The world would be a better place
if we all cared a little more.
Imagine how many smiling faces
would greet us at the door
if we extended that helping hand
with a simple act of kindness
that could spread across many lands.

By David Harris


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