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I have to tell you all it has been a very long year, since my move and relocation to the Charlottesville, VA area, on of the worst things is that my camera got packed up so good that I absolutely could not find it!

As most of you know from reading my blog, I took at least 95% of my own pictures, to use with the posts. This has really killed me not being about to do this, and in many ways has limited my posting and what I post about during the past year.

A friend that I have on the Yahoo Canning2 Group, as well as several other groups and a long time reader and subscriber to my blog, did something so nice I cannot express how I feel today.

Yesterday in the mail I received a package that contained a Kodak Easy Share Camera, so that I could take pictures of my baskets that I weave again and also pictures for all of my blog posts.!

Kodak Easy Share Camera

Not knowing how bashful he will be about mentioning his name all I will say is



I cannot tell you how much I have missed  taking pictures along the way through life, and how much I am looking forward to using it this very day!

It was Christmas in November for me!