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I have had a rough end to my week, why is it that some people are only happy when they seek to try control and dominate others, it is my feeling that people like this have pretty miserable lives themselves and an extreme sense of inferiority , and it pumps them up to “TRY” and do this, for some it may work, for me it infuriates me and not a good situation will result from it!

However right now I am trying to calm down by looking online at some nice fall and autumn scenes and thought since I can’t take the pictures myself I would share these with you, I know a pretty pitiful post.

I am hoping / working on a post for Thanksgiving meals planning, tips, tricks and suggestions for a smoother running holiday, where the cook can actually enjoy the day!

This is one that takes a while, as it could be long or done in several posts (big meal) I will try and post it this week. I think it may be in several posts.

Now onto happier thoughts and brighter days!