Well I have a dear friend in South Carolina (Sandy also), and I have seen her enraged over the years, but I don’t think she is capable of doing what this Sandy is supposed to do.

Right now at 11 am on Sunday Morning it is cool in the 50’s, cloudy as it has been the last couple of days from Sandy’s outer bands, and steady to gusty winds, constantly. the sky has a very gray and wintery look about it this morning!

The storm is huge, like they say it will effect 8 states (have already declared  States of Emergency) in advance of Sandy’s arrival.

Not really much to say about the storm that everyone has not heard since it is on every television channel and all over the internet.  If there is widespread power outages affecting millions to tens of millions of people then it may be quite some time before I can post to the blog, may be a good time to make a list of topics to post about  in the coming months when the power does come back on.

About two years ago, I started a blog linked to this blog that was to feature available baskets, artwork that would be available for purchase to interested people. As you know I did not pursue that for reasons too long to go into on a blog post, something that really saddened me, however in the coming months I will be revisiting that so that all you can see the art work that I do.

I believe there are brighter days ahead for me, than have been in the last year, which I hope will facilitate positive changes in my art work, as well as living situation (most hopeful for that) oh to be able to live in peace and solitude by myself once again, will indeed be a blessed day!

I hope that all of you make it through this storm safe and sound, and  I also want my friends Shelly and Darlene to know that I think about them since hearing of the British Columbia earthquakes that happened last night, as well as the many other readers and subscribers from western Canada .

This is a two post day, this one about a hurricane, and the next a very nice Hurricane poem I found online befitting of the this hurricane, however to combine them would make this post too long, also since many people do searches on poems it makes it easier for the search engines to locate.