I just wanted to let everyone know, that this morning my computer did funny things, got a blue screen, (not the blue screen of death) been there done that years ago, What a helpless feeling!

This blue screen had writing all over it, talking about detecting hardware problems on my computer, had not cursor, had to turn it off and back on, and then finally got the black screen that talks about “Safe Mode” but “Start Normally” was highlighted, hit enter and it is working though the screen does not seem as bright.

So instead of waiting until it is too late to tell everyone, I am just decided to put it out there that if you suddenly there are no posts, no emails …………….I have not died (hope not, too many things to look forward to in life right now) but the computer may have died, don’t look for it to be replaced soon if that happens, never happens at a good time does it. ? !

Well just enlightening everyone to that possibility.